What's happening in the Big Data world?

In 2017, a few organizations expanded their services as well as software which interpreted Big Data into visualizations and graphs. This enabled the researchers to collaborate, and utilize data about the common population a little more effectively. This main intent of assimilating, and analyzing the data is to enhance the customer experience. It also enables the leaders to simplify the decision-making process.

The growth of Internet of Things has added numerous fresh sources of Big Data in the Data Management industry, and it is going to be one of the mega Big Data Trends in 2018. Mobile phones, computers, sensors on devices, all produce high quantity of data for the IoT.

Businesses who are ready to mend Big data into valuable Business Intelligence, have got immense opportunities to attain a competitive edge. As Big Data expands, organizations try to keep up with it, however, at times they find it tough to transform the Big data into beneficial insights. BI is undoubtedly the key to remain competitive, and Data Analytics offers the latest information required.

Also, the number of businesses providing Cloud services is going to expand, leading to competitive rates, and this will enable the small firms to make good use of the Big Data.

Here are some top trends and happenings in the Big Data landscape:

  • 1. Personalized Customer Journey

Big data analytics is sure to help various types of business including the e-commerce industries understand their target audience on a more personal level. This will happen through proper tracking of their old buying habits and shopping patterns. Some of the biggest e-commerce platforms, are already using this type of feature, and are trying to map the customer interest using customer account analytics. High-end metrics are used to analyze the conversion funnel, order values, as well as the real-time customer habit tracking.

With the power of Big Data analytics, the customer journey is going to more focused, personalized and specific. Many companies, including the startups are in a better position to utilize the data which can actually help them to generate an ultra-personalized experience for every consumer by making use of the predictive analytics.

And, undoubtedly these sort of tailored insights have the power to boost sales. Businesses who have actually that have applied tactics for purchase proposals and unique offers have started experiencing a good increase in the revenue already! Very soon more and more organizations will realize the importance of making the customer journey more impactful, and using the insights like customer behavior to drive more sales.

  • 2. Analytics will comprise of Visualization Models

Data visualization as well as data discovery are going to be the most trending activities of the Big Data landscape. Data discovery has evolved, and it comprises of the knowledge analysis and relationships along with various interesting techniques of staging data, to expose stringer business insights. Visualization models are quickly stepping up the popularity curve as a result. They are becoming favorites when it comes to translating data into valuable insights. The enhancement of continuously evolving visualization models is an essential part of attaining insights services from Big Data consulting company.

Appealing visualization models are sure to become a favored option for processing bigger data sets just like interesting visualizations engrosses the brains’ capacity for pattern recognition.

  • 3. Gigantic number of commands 

As per the data collected in 2017, more than a 50 million commands were run by users in only three of the main engines. And, the total usage of the engines and commands have increased by more than 162 percent. Though, two of the most quickly growing engines include Presto and Spark.


There’s simply no doubt about the fact that big data is taking us to an optimized, streamlined and a brighter future. Big Data has a lot in store for every kind of business, and it is sure to enhance the level of functionality in a plenty of spheres including customer experience. We all have to be ready to just make the most of the power of Big Data, and to use it in way it benefits our business. 

Ethan Millar

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