Is Java Important For Hadoop Developers?

Hadoop experts get frequent inquiries from people who want to know the importance of java to become a hadoop developer. Is it really necessary to learn java to become a big data hadoop developer?  

This question excites many developers who wish to be hadoop experts in the future. We will explain it and tell the answer of this question, which is not as simple as it seems.  

The future of hadoop is bright, evolving, and require ways to increase the skills and expertise to make developers more seasoned in their job. To get the insightful answer of this question, it is required to open the history pages of Hadoop.  

Hadoop is an Opensource platform of Apache, which is used to store and process huge data (orders of petabytes). This platform is intended in Java. Hadoop platform was originally created as a subproject of “Nutch”, which is an open source search engine. However, it was conceptualized and become the highest priority project of Apache.   

Understand Hadoop  

Hadoop is an answer to huge data processing challenges. It solves them with the conventional concept of distributed parallel processing, but the approach is new. Hadoop brings a framework to develop distributed applications instead of solving each problem.  

It takes away the challenges of processing and storing the big data in a distributed environment by developing fundamental components, i.e. MapReduce and HDFS.  

HDFS handles data storage. It is a distributed file system that stores any provided data file by splitting it into fixed size units known as “blocks”. Each block offers high availability and fault tolerance through replication of these blocks on distinct machines on the cluster.  

Even if it has all of these complexities, expert Hadoop developers can still avail simple file system abstraction and do not have to bother about how it stores and operates.  

It is not necessary to learn Java in order to process your data on Hadoop (only if you don’t want to become a commiter). Moreover, the programs in most important Hadoop deployments are predominantly designed in Pig or Hive instead of MapReduce.  

If you are already a data analyst, you will find no difficulty in migrating to Hadoop. If you are a programmer, you should know about Java or should know any of the streaming languages on Linux in order to code MapReduce programs.  

Experts are here to assist developers. Hadoop developers can feedback and offer suggestions regarding this post.

Ethan Millar

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