Asp.Net MVC Developers Building Cloud Optimized Apps With Unified Programming Model

MVC or Model View Controller pattern is one of the famous design patterns that help mvc developers in building easy-to-maintain applications. MVC framework promotes code recycling and testability. The platform is built on top of the runtime and follows the pattern of MVC design. In this story, you will learn major features in mvc 6.

MVC design pattern has three major components- Model, View, and Controller. 

Model is the layer that represents the data of the app. View represents the presentation layer or UI layer. Controller layer holds the business logic of the user app. 

The design pattern of MVC enables user to separate the concerns and makes the app code simpler to maintain and test. MVC 6 is the current version of the framework that eliminates dependency on system.web.dll. This means user need to include the namespace. MVC 6 offers leaner framework, lowers resource consumption, and brings faster startup time. It becomes inexpensive after the removal of dependency on System.web. 

Professionals have intended the MVC 6 framework for the cloud. Users can take advantage of cloud optimized framework and have different versions of the CLR reside for distinct websites running inside the cloud. Developers have unified the Web API frameworks and MVC into single programming model with 5. User can also avail support for OWIN abstraction with MVC 6 that includes Web Pages and Web API to expel the overlap between the three frameworks. 

Major components and features of 5:

  • Cross-platform runtimes
The combination of .net CoreCLR and .net framework offers flexibility to developers in running apps with the current version deployed without affecting each other. Applications can run across platforms even if the operating system is different with dependencies. 
  • Dynamic compilation 
There is now a streamlined process that includes simple edit to code, browser refresh, and saving changes, with the option to use other code editors available in Visual Studio interface. 
  • Cloud ready configuration 
There will be no use of web.config files for configuration values in .net 5 with a latest system to request named values from a larger range of sources, like XML, JSON, etc. that deploy apps in a host environment without publishing test values. 

Professional MVC developers can avail the preview of 5 in Visual Studio CTP 6 release that also comprises of latest project templates, enhanced system references, task runner explorer tool, etc. 

Ethan Millar

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